Smart Vertical Farming

urban smart farm

The Urban Smart Farm produces micro greens, herbs, fish and giant shrimp in recycled shipping containers. Sustainable multi layer production of fresh food is our goal (vertical farming).

Currently more than 50% of world population is living in urban areas. Globally it is expected that even more people will leave the country side and move to cities.
Over exploited fish stocks
Not less than 17% of fish stocks are over exploited and 52% are fully exploited. Sustainable aquaculture (growing fish in reservoirs) will decrease pressure on natural fish stocks and allows complete control over the circumstances fish grow in.
Food Miles
Food travels a long way before it reaches us. On the other hand we expect healthy, authentic and sustainable food. Demand for locally produced food is growing.
Although traditional farmers and the agricultural industry are shifting towards sustainable production, water use remains problematic. Aquaponics combines production of vegetables and fish in a closed circuit. This man-made eco system uses water in a very efficient way.
The solution
The Urban Smart Farm is a combination of natural production and clean technology. Aquaponics, LED illumination en insect feed enhance sustainable production of fresh vegetables, herbs, micro greens, fish and shrimp. It is our contribution to a sustainable shift in food production.