Aquaponics and LED

Urban Smart Farm’s main technologies are aquaponics and vertical farming with LED grow lights. Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics. It is a way to breed fish together with plants in a highly sustainable environment. LED grow lights are energy efficient and intensify our ‘leafy greens’ production.

Black Soldier Fly larvae are being cultivated on pre consumer food waste. They deliver proteins to fish and shrimp. The Black Soldier Fly is harmless to people (it does not spread pathogens) and converts waste into fish feed.

Aquaponics is a man made ecosystem. Fish excrete nitrogenous waste products in several ways. beneficial bacteria convert fish waste into nutrients for plants via bio filtering. Plants take up these nutrients and thus filter the water.

The Urban Smart Farm grows leafy greens in multiple layers. LED grow lights only use a selection of light spectra and therefore they are energy efficient.

The whole production cycle is organized in and around recycled shipping containers. These containers are insulated, compact and mobile thus ideal for urban farming. Intensive food production in multiple layers is a good way of dealing with scarce living and growing space in our cities and results in gourmet products with zero food miles.